Securing Your Computer Documents and Information

There are many ways to ensure you have a safer computer and some may not be ways you have thought of but they are just as important as your password.  Some of these include only using safe sites to share files like Ares or to never share sensitive data on a public hotspot.  And then there are others mentioned below.

Your mobile phone is one thing you may not consider that has anything to do with computer safety but it does. If someone finds or steals your smart phone, there are typically applications and data that can be used against you. Once the person has access to your e-mail they can use that against you as well as hook up to your Wi-Fi if they know where you live and access your system through that network. Make sure your phone is protected by using a password to be able to access it. You may also consider remotely wiping the data clean from your phone if it falls into the wrong hands.

Protecting your Wi-Fi account is equally important and it’s as simple as setting up a password that no one can access. If there is no password or encryption, anyone driving by can use your network and snoop around inside.  And if you are using a program like Cabos to share important files with your office, they could easily intercept and use these files.

Always make sure that if you plan to get rid of your computer system that you wipe it clean so that anyone else that gets it does not have any access to your private data, information, photos or important documents. If you can set it to the factory settings, all the better. Not only does someone who purchases a used computer want it to be as pristine as possible, you won’t have to worry that someone can see your sensitive data. The last thing you want to do is to find the files and photos you have downloaded and shared using programs like Amule being traded online.  Many sites allow you to save your passwords and you don’t want someone else being able to access those so be sure everything possible is wiped clean.

There are many ways to protect yourself and these are just a few examples that can save you from being hacked.

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