Is Your Email Protected?

buy stocks on the stock market Image via Wikipedia You may have plenty of protection on your computer. For instance, there is a decent chance that you have an antivirus program, firewall, and other utilities, such as registry tools, present on your computer. But is that enough? Depending on how you use your email, it may not be the case. You [...]

Reducing Spam in Your Email Inbox

Don’t you just love junk mail? Spam-tastic, isn’t it? Of course not! Everyone hates junk mail. Everyone except for the folks who make money off of it. Did you know that spam is actually really bad for the environment? It uses up a lot of energy each year. That’s yet another reason to hate it. [...]

Keeping Your Gaming Desktop Computer Safe and Secure

how to buy Amazon shares in Hong Kong With the popularity of gaming desktops soaring, more and more people are experiencing problems with their security. Spammers and hackers are using different games as a way to send out viruses and worms that can destroy a system or prevent it from working correctly. Because of this, it is important to have some type of [...]

A Day in the Life of an Internet Spammer

*Based loosely on personal experience and second-hand accounts. Yawn, yawn, yawn. I’m barely getting out of bed at the crack of noon. I have to commute a whole 10 feet to my computer to start my busy day of bringing products people didn’t know they needed directly to their email! Spamming is hard! Spam, spam, [...]

Is Computer Security Really That Important?

buy shares You may ask yourself, how vulnerable is your computer to an internet security threat? With that, how often have you or someone you know been the victim of a hacker, or otherwise computer virus? These are valid questions to consider when determining whether your present or anticipated security measures are sufficient. Unfortunately, many people seem [...]

Preventing Anti-Spam False Positives

Spam has become one of the most troublesome aspects of using the Internet. Email software developers have worked hard to develop anti-spam options that will protect their users from viruses, phishing scams and unrequested advertisements. This helps protect email users from online scams. Making reliable anti-spam features, however, is a balancing act. Some times, developers [...]

Protech, Your Provider of Quality Protection

That’s a nice welcome change in Corporate America when big-time companies delve into the personal care arena of products revolving around the general well-being and safety of human beings. The name of the company is called Protech. And they specialize in defense and protection systems for the military, government, industrial, and even the everyday commercial [...]

The Cost of Electronic Spam

When referring to computers and electronic communication, the term spam is the use of a messaging system to spend bulk messages that have not been requested by the recipients. The most common form of electronic spam is in e-mail. There are many other forms of spam, too. Instant messaging spam, message board spam, blog spam, [...]

Is privacy seriously threatened by spamming?

Image via Wikipedia Spamming has become a major issue these days. There is hardly an Internet or computer user who has not experienced spam in his or her e-mail at home and work. Every year trillions of spam messages are sent online and create havoc for internet service providers and consumers around the world. The [...]

Computer Protection Measures

With so many people using high speed internet for things such as gaming, email and chatting, it seems everyone is getting things done at a faster pace. With all of this high speed connectivity also comes the risks associated with privacy issues in which individuals open themselves up to enabling others to invade their personal [...]